Wellness & Health Risk Management

Delivering value through health

IMA collaborates with clients to develop a three-phase strategic health management plan that drives positive health behavior outcomes.

The data-driven plan leverages change initiatives at multiple levels, including some of the following elements:

Leadership support

Define success metrics and gain leadership buy-in. Demonstration of support and testimonials from leaders and managers.

Benefit plan design

Integrate insights from health management initiatives into benefit plan design to enhance chronic condition compliance, appropriate health plan utilization and preventive care compliance.

Workplace culture

Develop workplace policies that foster optimal health such as healthy meetings, tobacco-free, healthy food options and wellness events.

Work environment

Incorporate initiatives within the workplace such as onsite health educators and healthy vending options.

Leverage existing employer programs

Safety, employee recognition, professional development and recruitment

Intrinsic motivators

Gamification, verifiable healthy activity participation and social media initiatives


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