Total Rewards

Employee Value Proposition

When deciding where to work or how long to stay, employees consider the overall benefits that your company offers -- it's your Total Rewards. We work with employers to create and evolve your Employee Value Proposition.

What are you offering to employees in terms of benefits, compensation, learning and development and the environment they work in? How do you combine all of these into an employee brand that attracts the best and the brightest and keeps your top talent?

Generational Approach

With up to five generations in today's workforce, what are your Total Rewards strategies for all the different values, priorities and motivations your employees espouse? 

Culture by Design

Culture just doesn't happen. It's built. How do you design your culture so that you attract and keep your employees?

Statistical Preferencing

Do you offer employees what they value most? With more than 300 benefits and perks an employer can offer, could you reallocate current investments and have more satisfied employees?

Generational Communications

Multiple generations require multiple communication strategies. From infographics to comprehensive benefits booklets, how do you evaluate what communications channels are best and how and when do you execute the message?

IMA can partner with you to help answer these questions and provide a path toward success. Contact us today.